Bromo & rafting

Mangroves had to become rare before it's beauty and necessity was seen. Have some rest at the mangroves in Probolinggo before heading to the Pekalen river to test your rafting skills. Mt. Bromo's moonlike landscape of surreal proportions and beauty is a perfect finishing touch.


View at Cottage Songa homeastay - Condong village East Java Rafting at the Pekalen river in East Java - Probolinggo The inspiring black Sand Sea the surrounds the active volcano Bromo - East Java


Itinerary: Mt. Bromo & rafting at Pekalen river - 3 days

The river Pekalen is a river in East Java in between volcanoes. This guarantees many rapids and waterfalls. If you have time while keeping your head up, you might also see several animals at the river bank.

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Surabaya/Malang - wander through mangroves - sleep at Cottage SungaDay 1; symbol. Mt. Bromo and Mt. Ijen combined in one tour - East Java

Day 1; symbol; tour Songga rafting and sunrise over Mt. Bromo - East JavaMalang/Surabaya - wander through mangroves - Cottage Songa

You will be picked up in Surabaya in the morning to head to the mangroves in Probolinggo first. Good views at Java's volcanoes, make it a beautiful morning. 
Then you will be heading to Condong village, which takes about 90 minutes driving from Probolinggo. This village is strategically situated for your rafting adventure the next morning. You will spend the night in Cottage Songa with the sound of gurgling water and the wind blowing, ensuring a relaxing and natural atmosphere.

Rafting the Pekalen river - sunset over Mt. BromoSymbol day 2 - hiking to Ijen crater lake - kawah Ijen

Symbol day 2 - early morning rafting at the Songga riverRafting the Pekalen river - sunset over Mt. Bromo

Today is the day, your river adventure starts. You can choose from 2 tracks, the lower and the upper track.

Lower track

The lower track of the Pekalen river suits the beginners and for fellow adventurers who have never rafted. This track offer 35 ferocious rapids and is 10 km long. Along your tour - if you have time to watch - you will be spoiled with green rice fields, other farm land as well as typical views of the Pekalen river. You are also invited to get to know the farmers and you can interact with children playing in the river.

Upper track

You will find fantastic sceneries and rapids at the upper rafting track at the Pekalen river. Over a distance of 12 km you will meet 54 rapids with a grade between 2 and 4. You will encounter waterfalls and cliff sceneries. Your hearth is ready for some shaking up!

Sunset over Mt. Bromo

After your rafting adventure, you will continue to Cemara Lawang village. This village is beautifully situated at the edge of the ancient caldera in which one can find the active volcano Bromo. When time is sufficient, you can explore the Hindu village while finding a superb spot to witness the sunset. Village life at such an height is interesting besides the fact that you will encounter a Hindu culture.

Sunrise tour Mt. Bromo - Madakaripura waterfalls - drop offSymbol day 3 - At Sukamade turtle beach - tour: Mt. Bromo, Mt. Ijen & Sukamade - East Java

Symbol day 3 - Mt. Bromo sunrise tour - East JavaSunrise tour Mt. Bromo - Madakaripura waterfalls

The sunrise tour starts at 03.00 in the morning. A local Jeep will bring you to Mt. Pananjakan viewpoint. If you wish to see the sunrise from a less famous viewpoint - and therefore less crowded - just inform us. We can also arrange a guide to hike to the unknown spots. Weather conditions define the views, the colors and the feelings in the atmosphere.

After the sun has risen, you can opt for a cup of coffee or tea before heading to Mt. Bromo. To get near this volcano you will have to cross the black sea of sand. Your driver will stop near the Hindu temple Luhur Poten. Then it is a 45 minutes walk to the top of this impressive crater. Take your time.

Once back at the Jeep, you will be brought back to Cemara Lawang. You can have breakfast before you check out. Then you head to the Madakaripura waterfalls. These enchanting waterfalls will brand some memories.

After Mt. Bromo you can easily head both to the west and the east. If you need some advice, we are happy to help you out.


Tour info - Rafting & Mt. Bromo

DURATION: 3 days
TRAVELERS: min. 4 travelers, no max.

Price includes: private transport with air conditioning and friendly English speaking driver, fuel, 4WD Jeep for the sunrise tour at Mt. Bromo, entrance fee to the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, entrance fee to the mangrove forest Probolinggo, 2 nights accommodation, meals: 2x breakfast and 1x dinner (local food at Cottage Songa), mineral water in reasonable amounts, seasonal fruit
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, all lunches and dinners (except at Cottage Songa), optional tours

Reservation - tour start Surabaya