Start Semarang

Semarang Bromo Ijen tour

Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

Start your tour to Bromo and Ijen in Semarang - 3 days and 2 nights - Discover East JavaA flight from Semarang in Central Java to Surabaya in East Java is the fastest and most convenient method to start the Semarang Bromo Ijen tour. Two splendid iconic active volcanoes in 3 days and 2 nights. You will be dropped in Ketapang, where you get on the ferry to Bali.

Semarang Bromo tour

Duration: 2 days & 1 night

Fly from Semarang to Surabaya - Semarang Bromo tourSemarang is quite a distance to Bromo. Fly to Surabaya to save time and to avoid annoyances on the road. From Surabaya travel by private car to Bromo. Enjoy your holiday.