Cooking class with locals

Cooking is getting to know the culture, getting to know tastes, having fun with locals, understand their humor.... it brings cultures together.
• This tour starts and ends in Malang 


Cook and eat 7 East Javanese traditional dishes - all natural ingredients Work with the oelek and make your own sambal Some ingredients you might use during the cooking class in Malang - East Java

Before you reach the local market, you will visit a traditional Javanese kampong, where you can see how locals live and what they do during the day. There is also a small school and a small - as everything is small in the kampong - garden with a medicine garden.
When you walk out of the kampong, you will be standing in front of the local market where you will buy your needed ingredients. Your guide will also show you a variety of traditional home made "cookies", that you can taste.

Your guide will be happy to explain everything that is sold at the market and he will help you to bargain when needed. Then you will bring all your ingredients to the cook her house in the Kampong and start cooking. You will have to do most of the work, make notes when you have time, while the cook is instructing you.


What is on the menu?

We have three menus, but it certainly is possible to addapt the menu to your wishes. Just contact us. There is a vegetariana menu, a menu with fish and one menu with meat. It is also possible to mix the menus. Every menu consists in 7 dishes, including white rice.

Cah kangkung / daun singkong
Telur balado
Peyek kacang
Kare ayam kampong
Tempe / tahu
Krupuk udanag
Cah kangkung / daun singkong
Sambal kentang
Gurami asem manis
Peyek udang
Tempe mendol
Sayur lodeh
Sayur asem


Tour info - Cooking class

DURATION: 4 to 5 hours
TRAVELERS: min. 2 and max. -
2 participants: 25
3 participants: 21
4 participants: 19
5 participants: 18

Note: if the group is bigger than 5 or 6 people, the group will be divided over 2 or more houses, as houses in the kampong normally are small. Please contact us if you are with more than 5 participants.

Price includes: English speaking guide, your cook and her house, all ingredients, gas for cooking, mineral water
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses

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