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Celebrated places during this 3 days tour: Sempu island Nature Reserve, secluded beaches and the iconic and active volcano Bromo.


The smoking Bromo volcano surrounded by the black sea of sand Mt. Batok lies next to Mt. Bromo and is a dormant volcano Hiking trail to the blue lagoon Segara Anakan at Sempu island - East Java


Itinerary: Sempu island, beaches & Mt. Bromo - 3 days

Sempu is an island located 800 meters from the southern coast in Malang Regency, just 70 km south of Malang city. Sempu is accessed from Sendang Biru village, the most important fishing port on the south coast of Java.
The southern Malang beaches have romantic names like Bajul Mati, Ngliyep, Clungup, Balekembang, and Kedung Celeng. Most of them are just there, with nothing else.
Mt. Bromo is one of Indonesia's iconic adventures that are worth the effort. Enjoy your tour.

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Sempu's enchanting lagoon entices you to enjoyDay 1; symbol. Tour to Sempu island, beaches and Mt. Bromo - East Java

Day 1; symbol; tour Sempu island, beaches, and sunrise over Mt. Bromo - East JavaThe perfect holiday feeling at the enchanting lagoon

Early morning you will depart to Sendang Biru village. It takes about 2,5 hours to arrive. After a small coffee break a local boat will cross the 800 m to reach Sempu island, only a 10 minutes trip. A ranger will then guide you to the Segara Anakan blue lagoon. Your hike takes 90 minutes. Swim, explore the island, have some rest, build a sand castle...
Before it gets dark, you will have to leave the Nature Reserve. You will spend the night in a homestay in Sendang Biru village.

Inspect the biggest fish auction at the southern beaches of Java before discovering the beachesSymbol day 2 - visit Sendang Biru village and Malang's southern beaches

Symbol day 2 - tour to Sendang Biru village and Malang's southern beachesSendang Biru's fish auction complemented with secluded beaches

As many fishermen return early morning, it is a good moment to spot the activities in this friendly authentic fishermen village called Sendang Biru and the biggest fish auction at the southern coast of Java. Sendang Biru is still small and the tourist industry is hardly developed. Meet the people and take a closer look at the daily activities of these fishermen and their families.
Then the romantic beaches are calling you.... most beaches are hardly visited. Unspoiled, white, stretched out and just amazingly beautiful.

Sunset over Mt. Bromo

After your dive in local cultures and sandy beaches, you will continue to Cemara Lawang village. This village is interestingly situated at the edge of the ancient caldera in which one can find the active volcano Bromo. When time is sufficient, you can explore the traditional Hindu village while finding a superb spot to witness the sunset over Mt. Bromo. Village life at such an height is interesting besides the fact that you will encounter a Hindu culture.

Sunrise tour Mt. Bromo - Madakaripura waterfalls - drop offSymbol day 3 - Sunrise tour Mt. Bromo

Symbol day 3 - Mt. Bromo sunrise tour - East JavaSunrise tour Mt. Bromo - Madakaripura waterfalls

The sunrise tour starts at 03.00 in the morning. A local Jeep will bring you to the viewpoint at Mt. Pananjakan. If you wish to see the sunrise from a less famous viewpoint - and therefore less crowded - just inform us. We can also arrange a guide to hike to the unknown spots. Weather conditions define the views, the colors and the feelings in the atmosphere.

After the sun has risen, you can opt for a cup of coffee or tea before heading to Mt. Bromo. To get near this volcano you will have to cross the black sea of sand. Your driver will stop near the Hindu temple Luhur Poten. Then it is a 45 minutes walk to the top of this impressive crater. Take your time.

Once back at the Jeep, you will be brought back to Cemara Lawang. You can have breakfast before you check out. Then you head to the Madakaripura waterfalls. These enchanting waterfalls will brand some memories.

After Mt. Bromo you can easily head both to the west and the east. If you need some advice, we are happy to help you out.




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