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Tour info - Mt. Panderman

DURATION: about 8 hours
TRAVELERS: no max. or min. travelers
2 travelers: 71
3 travelers: 56
4 travelers: 45
5 travelers: 37

Price includes: private transport to Batu and back, hiking guide, local basic lunch
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, breakfast, dinner, optional tours

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It is said that Mt. Panderman's name is derived from "Van der Man", a Dutch man. He was living in Batu at the beginning of the 20th century and loved the beauty of the mountain.


Visitor who is hiking to the top of Mt. Panderman A sign at Mt. Panderman: "Love me for what I am" - Malang, East Java Camping at Mt. Panderman

The Batu area is pleasantly cool as it is situated at an height of 800 to 1100 m. Typical day time temperatures are 17 to 20 °C.

Mt. Panderman is part of the mountain range "Sleeping Beauty". This range consists of Mt. Butak that forms the face of the Sleeping Beauty, Mt. Kawi and Mt. Panderman that forms the feet. From a distance, the range indeed looks like a sleeping princess.


Climbing Mt. Panderman tour

After breakfast you will depart to Batu city. From Malang it will take about 1 hour to reach the point from where you start your hike. In just three hours you will reach the summit. Enjoy.
Down hill is the same route as up hill. There is another route down or up hill but that will be more strenuous and the hike will be longer. Please ask if you are interested.



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