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Tour info - volcano Bromo

TRAVELERS: no min. or max.


2 travelers: 71
3 travelers: 60
4-5 travelers: 52

Price includes: Jeep for the Mt. Bromo tour, private transport, fuel, friendly driver, English speaking guide if 4 travelers or more, breakfast, entrance fee to the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, coffee break at Mt. Pananjakan, extra tours to Pelangi waterfall and Jago temple
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, horse riding at Mt. Bromo, optional tours

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Volcano Bromo sits in a moonlike landscape of mythical proportions and glorious charm. The volcano and its surroundings offer splendid sights.


The savanna south of the active volcano Bromo in East Java A Jeep in the lunarlike landscape of Mt. Bromo The sun rises over Mt. Bromo - the most famous volcano in East Java

Mt. Bromo - 2392 m tall - is one of three volcanoes in an ancient caldera, that stretches 10 km across. Only Mt. Bromo's cone is active. It stands in a sea of ashen, volcanic sand, surrounded by the towering cliffs of the crater’s edge. Mt. Semeru is Java's highest peak - 3676 m - and blossoms behind Mt. Bromo when standing at one of the viewpoints north of Mt. Bromo. Semeru is also an active volcano and throws its ashes every 20 minutes.


Bromo sunrise tour via Tumpang - southwestern route

A Jeep will pick you up at midnight. You will drive in about 3 hours to mount Pananjakan. One of the highest viewpoints in the area. Have a warming cup of coffee or tea, and if you like a local snack, before you choose your spot at the viewpoint.
It can be cold at the viewpoint; between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius. Bring some warm clothes.
Walk the last 100 m to the viewpoint when the sun is about to rise. Be ready for the ever changing colors in the sky. The weather conditions determine the scenery.
When the sun has risen and you have warmed up, meet your driver. Continue to the sea of black ashen volcanic sand. You will have to cross this sea in the caldera to get near mount Bromo.
Bromo is an active volcano. It only takes 45 min to hike to the crater rim. Take your time in this superb moonlike greyish-grey landscape.
Once back at the car, your drive back to Malang starts. Stop in the magnificent savanna. Take a small walk if you please. Feel the amazing landscape. On route to Malang you can visit the Pelangi waterfall and Jago temple in Tumpang if you please. Or, Kampong Warna-Warni in Malang city.


Options to visit Mt. Bromo

If midnight is too early, you can opt for the Bromo panorama tour. You will then depart around 4 or 5 am. You will miss the sunrise from one of the viewpoints, but other than that the tour will be almost the same. You still will visit one of the viewpoints to have a look at this amazing landscape.




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