3 days tours

The Segara Anakan lagoon at Sempu island - south coast Malang RegencySempu island is about 14 km2 and its main characteristic is the blue lagoon Segara Anakan. Most of the beaches along Java's south coast are hardly discovered. After relaxation, you will visit one of Indonesia's icons that is worth the visit.

Batu is surrounded by volcanic peaksOne can find Batu village just 18 km northwest of Malang. A happy village surrounded by volcanic peaks. Batu is a popular weekend destination, but makes a relaxed base during the week. The active volcano Mt. Bromo is a once in a lifetime experience.

Baby turtles at the Sukamade turtle beach - Meru Betiri National Park, East JavaMt. Bromo is one of Indonesia's most breathtaking sights and is visited often. Mt. Ijen is Javanese for ‘Lonely Mountain’ and contains the most acidic lake in the world. In Sukamade you meet several kinds of turtles in the hardly visited Meru Betiri National Park.

Smoking volcano Bromo in East JavaTwo of East Java's most impressive volcanoes in one tour. The volcanoes differ like day and night which makes it hard to choose if you only have time for one. Best is to take just 3 days to see 2 impressive characteristic volcanoes.

Rafting at the Pekalen river in Condong village - East JavaRafting at the Pekalen river is quite an adventure; with a width varying between 5 and 20 meters and between 1 and 3 meters depth, you will have to concur some waterfalls and more than 50 rapids. The active volcano Mt. Bromo can't be missed while visiting Indonesia.

The sea of sand that surrounds Mt. Bromo in East JavaActive volcano Bromo and its moonlike landscape surrounded by a savanna and a black sea of sand are waiting to be discovered. The Kalibaru plantation area will show you another part of Java before heading to the most acidic lake on earth.