1 day tours

The bus in Safary Park Prigen - East Java, IndonesiaVisiting a zoo is always an event when having a holiday in a foreign country. It is an insight in the organization of a country and an insight in cultural differences. Besides, it is one of those other days once traveling. Safari Park Prigen certainly is.

Mt. Panderman seen from Malang city - East JavaThe top of Mt. Panderman is called Basundara and is situated at a height of 2045 m. It will take about 3 hours to get to the top, via a light to moderate track. At the top you are treated at views over Malang & Batu and the other volcanoes that enclose the cities in the valley.

Shop at the local market in Malang to find the necessary ingredientsMake several traditional East Javanese dishes. Use the oelek, make sambal, enjoy kitchen fun. Shop at the local market with your guide, before heading to the cook her house just in one of Malang's kampongs. A minimalist kitchen with maximal flavours!

The blue lagoon Segara Anakan at Sempu island - south MalangMeet traditional Java. Sendang Biru village is as it is, nothing more and nothing less. It's beauty is its unspoiled being. Sempu island lies just a 10 minutes boatride offshore and is a Nature Reserve. Visit it's blue lagoon Segara Anakan and undisturbed nature.

Cycling tours in and around MalangRide your bike, see more! Cycling gives you the opportunity to be connected with your environment. We offer 2 rides: a city tour and a village tour. A city tour guides you through both historical and modern areas, while village life is something else.

Children at the orphanage Al Kaaf in Jabung village - 20 km east from Malang cityAbout 100 children have a home at Al Kaaf in Jabung village. Not all of them are orphans. Most of the children left the remote areas - after consultation with (one of) their parents - to have a chance at a better living as education is one of the keys to it.

A hut with a view over Batu and Malang - Mt. BanyakRefreshment in the highlands of Batu. Many attractions and natural wonders are worth it to be inspected. All of you will find something that isn't found anywhere else: for families, a group of friends, couples and solo travelers.

Bromo seen from a viewpoint in the north - East Java, IndonesiaMt. Bromo is an active volcano in an ancient crater. It's landscape is 'one in a million'. In other words, unique and nowhere else to be found. It's black sand sea forms a lunar-like landscape and contrasts with the green savanna. When the crater is smoking, it is just sublime.

A farmer carries cabbage to the main road - Gubugklakah village, near Mt. BromoThe eastern part of Mt Bromo's hinterland is used as a vegetable garden. It is one of the highest farming areas on Java island. A six hours walk will show you some unseen paths, village life, locals at work, and a "seven sources spring".

A room at Kaliandra Sejati Foundation - East JavaThe Kaliandra Sejati Foundation is one of its kind in East Java. It supports local farmers to grow organic produce and houses a relaxing Wellness Retreat. Be ready for a joyful ecowalk in the rice fields surrounding Kaliandra and a delicious eco-lunch.

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