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A photography tour is almost like a holiday; making photos is your freedom, but you will have to be at the right spot at the golden moment. You will get to explore new destinations with a proven record of some extraordinance. Between the golden moments for pictures in nature, you will have time to take culture related photos.
You will have enough time to work on your skills, as you aren't wasting time to arrange transport, accommodation or all your other needs. You will always have at least 2 days at the spots as weather conditions need to be on your side as well.
This is time for you and your expression.

Main picture photography tour with Mt. Bromo


Long and short Itinerary: Photography tour - 6 days

Photography needs time. In cooperation with nature you can capture the most beautiful moments. In the meantime the locals and the local activities give you an insight in daily life.
If you click on the description of the day, you can read a more complete itinerary.

The enchanting Madakaripura Waterfalls & sunset photography at Mt. Bromo Symbol day 1 - Tour Live Local

Symbol day 1 - Tour Live LocalMadakaripura waterfalls & sunset photography Mt. Bromo

Your driver picks you up in Surabaya. In about 3 to 4 hours you will be driven to the Madakaripura Waterfalls. These are situated on your way to Mt. Bromo. This more than wonderful waterfall lies hidden at the end of a deep valley in the Tengger range. The valley is encircled by 7 waterfalls and a series of cascades to further enhance its beauty. Its beauty lies also hidden in local stories and saga. Human interest might be one of your topics to capture on picture.
Once in CemaraLawang, you will check in into your hotel. You can relax with a view over the active volcano Bromo or explore the area if you feel up to it. Later on, prepare for a short walk to Mt. Mentigen to capture the sunset atmosphere.


Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Cemara Lawang - Pagupon Bromo, JavaGo by Jiwa Jawa. Relax in the beauty of nature. Each room is comfortable and the warmly designed spaces resulting in an intimate atmosphere.

Mt. Pananjakan I & King Kong Hill - Sunrise - Mt. Bromo - the green savanna - village trekking Day 2 of your tour to Mt. Bromo and Batu in East Java

Day 2 of your tour to Mt. Bromo and Batu in East JavaMt. Pananjakan I & King Kong hill - sunrise photography - Mt. Bromo - the green savanna - village trekking

Milkyway photography at Mt. Bromo - East JavaRise and shine as you will be departing at 1 o’clock in the morning! Drink a cup of coffee or tea before leaving to Mt. Pananjakan I, a world famous viewpoint. With 2702 m it is one of the highest view points in the area. Perfect to see and experience the Milkyway once more. It's breathtaking when the sun is rising as also Mt. Semeru in the background as an active volcano plays with the light. The usual fog in the caldera is slowly making way for the day. Take your time.
If you would like to walk down to the Sea of Sand  in stead of by Jeep, a porter will be waiting for you. The Sea of Sand will be crossed before walking up to Mt. Bromo. At the crater rim you have a beautiful view over the area in which this active volcano resides; the black Sea of Sand bordered by the steep ancient caldera rim and the contrasting savanna. Once back at the car, your driver will bring you to the savanna. Once set and done, you go back to your hotel. Time for breakfast. You have spare time as we only depart again in late afternoon to hike through villages and capture local activities on film.


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Camara Lawang - Pagupon Bromo, JavaGo by Jiwa Jawa

Night photography at Mt. Pananjakan II and get to know the Tengger peopleSymbol day 3 of the tour Live Local - East Java, Indonesia

Symbol day 3 of the tour Live Local - East Java, IndonesiaNight photography Mt. Pananjakan II - Tengger people

Horse man at Mt. Bromo - East JavaEarly morning you depart to Mt. Pananjakan II, again it will be one o'clock. This viewpoint has a different view over the caldera than Mt. Pananjakan I, that you visited on your second day. After sunrise you go back to your hotel to have breakfast.
After breakfast you will go for a walk to watch local activities in the nearby village. You will have time to photograph Tengger people working on the land, maybe a ceremony that is taking place such as a wedding or a funeral, visit people and drink a cup of tea with them before you start photographing their way of life, the local market with all its activities, etc. After you expressed yourself through your pictures, you go back to your hotel to check out. Then it is time to depart to Bondowoso.


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Bondowoso - Ijen View Hotel

Free time for your own photography ideas - the car is yours Day 4 of your Live Local tour

Day 4 of your Live Local tourFree time for your own photography ideas - the car is yours

Today you will have a break which you can use to feel a 100% on holiday. To reload yourself and your batteries for the early morning the next day, when you will hunt photos at the Ijen crater lake. But, you can also decide to visit some spots in the neighborhood.


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Bondowoso: Ijen View Hotel

Ijen crater lake houses the biggest Blue Fire are in the world - discover East Java's coffee plantations Symbol day 5 - Live Local Tour - East Java

Symbol day 5 - Live Local Tour - East JavaIjen blue fire - coffee plantation

Ijen crater lake in East Java - BanyuwangiAt 23.00 you will depart to Pananjakan, from where your hike to the Ijen crater lake starts. Your guide will be waiting for you. He brings you a gas mask and a big smile. It is about 3,5 km to the top, after which you will have to go down into the crater where you can see the blue fire. It is also near the lake that the sulphur miners are harvesting the sulphur. An unbelievable human activity that is heavy and strenuous in an outer space environment. When it is dark enough you can have another Milkyway experience... Finally the sun will rise over the turquoise lake which looks stunning in its contrasting environment. When set and done, return to your car. Behind the parking area, sulphur miners get together at the weighing station to get their freight measured before loading it on the truck, which brings the sulphur to the purifying factory. Take a break at a local warung; drink a cup of coffee and get a local snack such as fried bananas.
You will return to the Ijen Plateau - which you crossed early morning to get to the crater lake - to visit the area around the villages Blawan and Sempol and visit for example the strawberry garden and the coffee plantation. The strawberries are processed on the plateau as well as the macadamia nuts. Waterfalls and the coffee factory are other points of interest.
When you are still feeling strong, there is time to visit the savanna at Kawah Wurung before heading back to your hotel. Depending on the road conditions you will either go by motorbike or car.
You will spend the night in a basic home stay at the plantation.


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Ijen Plateau - Homestay

Ijen crater us the most acidic lake in the world and more than beautiful - Licin sulphur factory Symbol day 6 - Live local tour

Symbol day 6 - Live local tourVisit the Ijen crater lake once more before heading to the sulphur factory in Licin village

Sulphur miner at the Ijen crater lake carrying a heavy load of about 80 kg - East JavaOf you are again, to the Ijen crater lake. Discuss with your driver whether you would like to depart early morning, or just around sunrise. There must be many undiscovered spots that you are curious to stop by.
En route to Ketapang harbor, you still have time to visit the sulphur factory in Licin village where sulphur is purified and packed. It is a fascinating production line.... On your way to the ferry you will pass a waterfall, coffee plantations and clove plantations. If you wish to stop, feel free and ask your driver.
Then you will be brought to Ketapang to take the ferry to Bali. In Gilimanuk your driver is waiting to bring you to the area around Sanur, Kuta or Ubud.



1. the best season for photography at these two volcanoes is during dry season, especially in the months July and August. Although dry season, in 2016 the dry season wasn't as dry as it should be. Rain was still falling.... unpredictable when, how long and how many days in a row.
2. bring you cleaning kit all the time when you visit Mt. Bromo as it is a dusty spot.
3. At night it is cold around Mt. Bromo. The tempratures can drop to around 5 ºC or even lower. Bring some warm clothes to feel comfortable.


Tour info - Photography

DURATION: 6 days
TRAVELERS: min. 2 and max. -


2 travelers: 545
3 travelers: 485
4-6 travelers: 385

Price includes: private transport with ac, friendly little English speaking driver, fuel, English speaking guide, Jeep at Mt. Bromo, 5 nights accommodation, meals: 5x breakfast and 1x dinner (local food), "snack-box" during activities, coffee breaks, all entrance fees to the objects as listed in the itinerary, one porter to help carrying the equipement of all tour members - if you wish a personal porter, an extra charge is applicable, daily mineral water, daily seasonal fruit, drop off service Malang/Surabaya
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, horse riding at Mt. Bromo, optional tours, all lunches and dinners

Inquiry or booking - Photography Tour


  • RAFTING Open or Close

    Rafting at Pekalen - ProbolinggoWHERE: PEKALEN
    DESCRIPTION: The rafting-track at the lower part of the river Pekalen comprises 9 km, while a 12 km track upstream with about 50 rapids can be found.
    PRICE: USD 34,50/person, min 4 people


    Traditional massage - Bromo areaWHERE: BROMO
    DESCRIPTION: Every culture has its own methods of massage and relaxation, so the ancient Tengger culture. Try a healing massages or refelxology near Mt. Bromo.
    DURATION: 2 - 3 hours
    PRICE: USD 8,65/hour per person

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