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The world is a neighborhood. Live like a local; that is the idea of this tour. You will find yourself in a Moslem culture in Batu and in a Hindu Tengger culture near Mt. Bromo. Besides culture, nature is also stunning. Take time to spend with the family you're staying with... You will discover that the Indonesians are the most friendly and patient people in the world.

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Short & long itinerary: Live Local Tour - 8 days

Live like a local, get to know how an Indonesian Moslem spends his day and discover Tengger traditions at Mt. Bromo.
Below you can read the short itinerary. If you would like to more know about one of the days, just click on the title. If you have any questions, please use the contact form on this page.

Arrive in Batu and meet your familySymbol day 1 - Tour Live Local

Symbol day 1 - Tour Live LocalArriving in Batu

Arrive at any time. We will pick you up at the airport or train station in either Malang or Surabaya and bring you to Batu.
Welcome to Batu, the area that the Dutch already discovered for its healthy surroundings. Many swimming pools and health resorts got established. You also will find sulphuric hot springs and beautiful agricultural land with flowers, rice fields and apple orchards.

Your adventure starts... Get to know your new Moslem family, get acquainted with local food and explore your neighborhood.


Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Budi's house - Check in time in your local house is from 2 pm on wards. Take your time to get acquainted with your surroundings to feel at ease and at home.

Spend time with your 'adopted' Moslem family and look into your new neighborhoodDay 2 of your tour to Mt. Bromo and Batu in East Java

Day 2 of your tour to Mt. Bromo and Batu in East JavaYour own day at your own terms

RelaxIf you wish to stay in your local house, enjoy the environments and your family, you can do that. If you wish to choose an item from the optional tours, you can do that. If you wish to go out on your own, you can do that as well. Find some ideas under the heading "Ideas".


Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Budi's house

Half a day tour: hiking to the top of Mt. Panderman in Batu - half a day to experience cultureSymbol day 3 of the tour Live Local - East Java, Indonesia

Symbol day 3 of the tour Live Local - East Java, IndonesiaHiking to the top of Mt. Panderman

Mt. Panderman in BatuTo get an idea of the area where you are staying, it is a good exercise to hike to the highest top in the neighborhood, that is Mt. Panderman. It is just a 4 hours walk, nothing too heavy or too difficult. We leave early morning. Your guide will be waiting for you.

In the afternoon you have free time. You can help the family where you are staying with the work that needs to be done in and around the house or at the fields. Or, you can choose one of the options from the "Optional tours" or the "Ideas list". You could also just have an evening out with 'your family'.


Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Budi's house

A perfect day for another mix between nature (Cangar hot spring) and cultureDay 4 of your Live Local tour

Day 4 of your Live Local tourThe unexpected green winding road leads to Cangar hot spring

The road to Cangar hot spring, 25 km from Batu villageCangar hot spring is about 25 km north of Batu at the slopes of Arjuno-Welirang. The winding road to this sulphuric hot spring is already a memory to make. As colors are best early morning, you will depart after breakfast. Your guide will get you off road at several spots to see the local activities and if you wish to participate in it, he will show you how to.
Once at Cangar hot spring enjoy your surroundings as well. If you feel up to it, you can also walk to the waterfall and the cave that you can find near the hot spring.

You can also pick an Optional tour or something from the Ideas list as Cangar hot spring can be visited in half a day.


Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Budi's house

Move to your new Tengger home near Mt. Bromo & visit the Madakaripura waterfalls Symbol day 5 - Live Local Tour - East Java

Symbol day 5 - Live Local Tour - East JavaMoving day
Madakaripura Waterfalls - new Tengger home at the Bromo area

After breakfast you will be transfered to the Bromo area. It will be an approximately 3 hours drive. After Probolinggo we will stop at the Madakaripura Waterfalls. Take your time to visit this special hide out. It was already important to the Hindu community hundreds of years ago.

Once back at the car, you will continue to Ngadisari village where you will stay with the Tengger family of Mrs. Nuristiyani and her husband. They have two kids of 10 and 12 years old. You will have your own cozy room. She and her family are really open to visitors (as actually all Indonesians). Feel free to take your time to get to know all the members of the family, the neighbors and everybody who drops by. It will be around three when you are completely settled.

In the afternoon, your schedule is open.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Mrs. Nuristiyani's home

Bromo sunrise tour and a hike through the savanna Symbol day 6 - Live local tour

Symbol day 6 - Live local tourBromo sunrise tour - hike through the savanna back to Cemara Lawang

The savanna one can found in the same caldera as Mt. Bromo - East JavAt around 3, Mrs. Nuristiyani prepared you a light breakfast with some coffee or tea. You will depart by Jeep to Mt. Pananjakan. Or, optional, you could walk to a viewpoint which not necessarily has to be Mt. Pananjakan. The sun will rise between 4 and 5 in the morning, depending on the season. If weather conditions are on your side (most often clear mornings), you will have a stunning view over the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. Mt. Semeru is also an active volcano and the highest mountain in Java (3676 m), which every 20 minutes has a small eruption with rocks and smoke. Take your time before heading down into the Sea of Sand, where you can have breakfast pick-nick style. The low temperatures on the viewpoint probably made you hungry and thirsty.
Then it is time to head to Bromo's crater. Just walk in 45 minutes to the crater rim. Feel free and enjoy. Once back at the parking area, you can hike with your guide around Mt. Bromo, through the savanna and some shrub lands. It will take about 4 to 5 hours. You will feel very tiny in this colossal bowl that once was a crater of an enormous volcano. If you feel tired a motorbike can pick you up.


Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Mrs. Nuristiyani's home

Paint with a local artist, walk the lava river, a medicinal experience or Tengger spa Symbol day 7

Symbol day 7Painting - Lava river walk - Medicinal experience - Tengger Spa

Relax through the dayA day to dig deeper into the local Tengger culture. Involve in your family's daily activities and take some time for the extra options: painting with a local artist, hiking through the ancient lava river, collect herbs and shrubs with the local medicine man and make your own brew or relax and indulge in a traditional Tengger massage.


Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Mrs. Nuristiyani's home

Last day with your Hindu family before 'check out'

Symbol day 8 of your Live Local Tour in East JavaThe last moment with your Hindu family before checking out

Already your last day of this Live Local adventure. Time to have your last special moment with your family. Pack your bags and "check out".
Around 12 noon we can transfer you to anywhere in Java or help you to arrange your transfer. Please inform us where you would like to go.



1. the sun rises around 05.00 and sets at around 17.30. The mosque starts singing at around 04.00 and people wake up to enjoy the day as long as possible.
2. for women: please dress according the "Indonesian" dress code. Wear shirts that cover your shoulders and trousers that are at least till over your knees.
3. in general women don't smoke. Best is not to smoke in a Muslim community
4. don't drink alcohol in public in and around your family's house.


1. be prepared that some misunderstandings based upon culture might occure. An example: if somebody tells you that you have become more voluminous during your week stay, that is a compliment as it means you have become "wealthier". Another example: they will offer you food all the time, because that is an invitation to feel welcome. You, on the other hand, might think "oooh no, I already have eaten 5 times, do I really have to eat again?"
2. the hygienic standards differ from yours. Don't bring your western standards to Indonesia as you will be diasppointed.




    Paragliding BantuWHERE: BATU
    DESCRIPTION: It is both possible to do a tandem glide or a course. The elevation difference between launching to landing is about 400m. Flyable for almost 365 days per year.
    DURATION: Half a day

  • 12 HOURS WITH A MUSLIM Open or Close

    24 hours with a muslimWHERE: BATU
    DESCRIPTION: Walk along with a Muslim for 12 hours. He or she can be a member of your new family or a friend of the family. Get to know his life, his activities, hobbies and laughs.
    DURATION: 12 hours


    Cycling in Batu village - East JavaDESCRIPTION: Ride your bike, see more! By bike you are closer to nature & culture as you move unprotected by the shell of a car. While cycling say hi to those you meet, and enjoy the tropical surroundings.
    DURATION: 4 to 6 hours


    A rural walk in Batu villageWHERE: BATU
    DESCRIPTION: Walk through Batu's interesting rural areas, such as flower gardens, strawberry and rice fields, and apple orchards. Discuss your hike with your guide before departure.
    DURATION: 4 to 6 hours



    A rural walk in Batu villageDESCRIPTION: The lava river was formed by the ancient caldera in which Bromo resides. It is an interesting hike trough an natural past.
    DURATION: 4 to 6 hours
    PRICE: IDR 375,000 pp - based on 2 people

  • MEDICINAL WALK Open or Close

    bromoDESCRIPTION: local medicines are still common practice. Walk with your guide to collect and learn about the local herbs. After collecting you will be producing some of the medicines which you can take home.
    DURATION: 8 hours

  • PAINTING Open or Close

    Painting Mt. BromoWHERE: BROMO
    DESCRIPTION: a local artist will you show you the perfect spots. If you have an idea of your own, that will also be possible. The artist will bring several materials which you would like to use.
    DURATION: 6 - 8 hours

  • TENGGER SPA Open or Close

    tengger spaWHERE: BROMO
    DESCRIPTION: every area has its own knowlegde about massages and beauty. Indulge yourself in traditional beauty and massage. Pick one of the available packages and enjoy your day!
    DURATION: 4 - 6 hours

Tour info - Live Local

DURATION: 8 days
TRAVELERS: min. 1 and max. 6


2 travelers: 586
3 travelers: 512
4-6 travelers: 442

Price includes: pick up service Malang/Surabaya, public and private transport during the tour, meals: breakfast, lunches, and dinners - local food, accommodation in a house of a local family, 2 optional tours of your choice, entrance fees to all objects mentioned in the itinerary, Jeep for the Mt. Bromo sunrise tour, guide, drop off service Malang/Surabaya
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, optional tours

Inquiry or booking - Live Local Tour

Ideas list Batu

Batu Night Spectacular (BNS)
Opening hours: 16.00 - 23.00
Entrance fee: IDR 20,000 - you will have to pay seperately for each attraction inside the park
Batu Secret Zoo - Jatim Park II
Opening hours: 09.30 - 19.00
Entrance fee: weekday IDR 75,000 - weekend IDR 105,000
Museum Angkot
Opening hours: 12.00 - 20.00
Entrance fee: weekday IDR 60,000 - weekend IDR 80,000
Rondo Waterfall
Opening hours: 08.00 - 17.00
Entrance fee: IDR 20,000
Town Square
Open 24 hours
Songgoriti Swimming Pool
Opening hours: 08.00 - 17.00
Entrance fee: IDR 15,000
Selecta Swimming Pool
Opening hours: 
Entrance fee:
Eco Green Park
Opening hours: 09.00 - 16.00
Entrance fee: weekday IDR 40,00 - weekend IDR 60,000

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