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The exclusive and spectacular Java Heritage Tour combines the gems of Dutch colonial architecture with the wonders of Javanese culture and the world renowned excellence of Indonesian hospitality.

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Short & Long itinerary Java Heritage Tour - 17 days

Your tour leader and expert is dr. Pauline K.M. van Roosmalen: "Heritage combines the three topics that move me most: culture, history and people". With Pauline you are accessing knowledge built over 25 years of working on Indonesian post colonial architecture and planning. Pauline's helping hand is Mr. Sam, your Indonesian guide. The perfect blend of history and culture will make this heritage tour unforgettable and above all special.
You will stay in 5-star and very good middle class hotels and you will enjoy local cuisine in charming restaurants.

The tour from Jakarta to Surabaya takes 17 days. Below you can read the short itinerary and when you click on one of the days' descriptions, you can read the extensive traveling-plan. If you sign up for this tour, an even more complete and detailed itinerary will be send.


Arrival in Jakarta Symbol day 1

Symbol day 2 - Cultural heritage tour Java, ends in Surabaya

Arrival in Jakarta

You can check in at your hotel at any convenient time. In the evening you will have dinner with all the tour participants and your expert dr. Pauline K.M. van Roosmalen and your Indonesian guide Mr. Sam.

Old JakartaDay 2 of your Java Heritage Tour

Day 2 of your Java Heritage Tour Jakarta

Old Jakarta is scheduled for today. You will visit Sunda Kelapa and Kota Tua, the VOC district. The presence of the VOC is still both visible and sensible. One can still find many heritage buildings within old Jakarta.


Several residential districts of JakartaSymbol day 3 - Heritage tour, Indonesia

Symbol day 3 - Cultural heritage tour in East Java with drop in Surabaya, IndonesiaResidential districts

Today you will see the twentieth century Dutch face of Jakarta. You will visit the neighborhoods Weltevreden, Menteng, Gondangdia, and Kebayoran Baru.

By train to Bandung - visit the alun-alun & Braga area Day 4 - Java Heritage Tour - start Jakarta and end in Surabaya

Day 4 - Java Heritage Tour - start Jakarta and end in SurabayaVisit Bandung; the capital of Sunda

Bandung is the capital of Sunda and the former residence of colonial Indonesia. The 3,5 hours train journey to Bandung is one of the most beautiful in Indonesia.
After lunch in a well known establishment, you will have a city walk through the hearth of Bandung. You will visit the business and commercial districts around the town square (alun-alun) and Braga street.

The Military, Administrative & Scientific districts and Villa Isola.Symbol day 5 - Heritage Tour Java

Symbol day 5 - Heritage Tour JavaBandung

In colonial times, Bandung was also a garrison city and a scientific center. Today you will make acquaintance with the Military, Administrative and Scientific Districts in Bandung and the famous Villa Isola.

Malabar tea plantation and Lamajan hydro-electric power stationSymbol day 6 - Grand Heritage Tour Java

Symbol day 6 - Grand Heritage Tour JavaBandung's surroundings

Malabar tea plantation is located 45 km south of Bandung. The scenery is beautiful; endless hills with green coffee and small tracks for the tea pickers. The Lamajan hydro-electric power station is also listed for today. 

Travel to Cirebon - a Java Pasisiran cultureSymbol day 7 - Heritage Tour Java - in cooperation with Smartine Indonesia Travel

Symbol day 7 - Heritage Tour Java - in cooperation with Smartine Indonesia TravelTravel from Bandung to Cirebon

Cirebon is a port city in northern West Java. The Cirebon culture was described as Java Pasisiran culture - a coastal culture - and similar to the cultures of Banten, Pekalongan, and Semarang, with notable mixtures of Sundanese, Chinese, Arabic-Islamic, and European influences. This relative small but interesting city is known for 'something with shrimps'. Today you will find out why.

Travel to Semarang - via Tegal & PekalonganSymbol day 8: Java Heritage Tour in Semarang

Symbol day 8: Java Heritage Tour in SemarangTravel from Cirebon to Semarang via Tegal & Pekalongan

Via two smaller harbours, namely Tegal and Pekalongan, you will travel to Semarang. In Tegal you will visit the Semarang-Cheribon Stoomtram Maatschappij, after which you continue to Pekalongan. You will reach Semarang in the afternoon and visit the people's theater Sobokarti.

City walk SemarangSymbol day 9 - city walk Semarang

Symbol day 9 - city walk SemarangCity walk Semarang

The 'red' city of Semarang is a nice example of Indonesia's multicultural character. Your city walk starts after breakfast: through the VOC and the 20th century Business District (Kota Lama). You will also visit the Chinese area called Pecinan, and several residential districts.

Semarang and Ambarawa Symbol day 10 of the Java Heritage Tour - Indonesia special tours

Symbol day 10 of the Java Heritage Tour - Indonesia special toursSemarang and Ambarawa

Before you will depart to Magelang, several objects in northern Semarang are listed to visit. On your way to Magelang, you will stop in Ambarawa for some explorations. You will have lunch at an idyllic location.
You will spend the night in Magelang at a sophisticated spot.

The great BorobudurEleventh day - symbol - Java Heritage Tour

Eleventh day - symbol - Java Heritage TourThe Borobudur

The day starts early to see the sunrise over the magnificent Borobudur temple. Explore this colossal relic before heading to Yogyakarta. After you had lunch together, you can decide what to do in the afternoon; do some shopping, relax in your hotel, explore the city, visit a museum, etc. There will be no scheduled program. For a brief introduction to Yogyakarta city, you can optionally do a city tour by andong. 

More of Yogyakarta and the Prambanan templeSymbol travel day 12 - Java

Symbol travel day 12 - JavaMore of Yogyakarta and the Prambanan temple

During the morning you have time to further explore the city on your own. We will meet again with lunch. At 14.00 you will visit the Prambanan temple. Achingly beautiful and mystical, the temples of Prambanan are the best remaining examples of Java’s extended period of Hindu culture.

Afterwards your travel continues to Solo where you will spend the night.

City walk Solo Calendar symbol - day 13 of your heritage tour in Java: visit Solo

Symbol day 13 - Java Heritage Tour in SoloSolo

Arguably the epicenter of Javanese identity and tradition, Solo is one of the least Westernized cities on the island. Solo often plays second fiddle to its more conspicuous neighbor Yogyakarta.
Your route travels via Kraton Mangkunegaran, Kraton Kesuhunan, the Javasche Bank, Pasar Gede and Batik Museum Danar Hadi.

To Malang - first class train Day 14 - Grand Tour Java: travel from Solo to Malang

Day 14 - Grand Tour Java: travel from Solo to MalangTravel from Solo to Malang - by train

Today you will travel by train from Solo to Malang. As your hotel is about 500 m from the train station, a becak will bring you to your hotel. Before dinner and to stretch your legs, you will explore the interesting surroundings around your hotel.

City tour Malang Day 15 - Grand Tour Java: visit Malang

Day 15 - Grand Tour Java: visit MalangExplore Malang, the city with a village-like atmosphere

With a breezy climate and some leavy boulevards, Malang moves at an easygoing pace. You will visit Malang's areas that are still to admire, namely Ijen and Dempo Boulevard, the area around the alun-alun as well as the colourful modern architecture in Jodipan kampong.

Surabaya harbour and commercial district Jembatan MerahDay 17 - Heritage Tour Java: visit Surabaya

Day 16 - Heritage Tour Java: visit SurabayaVisit Surabaya

After arrival in Surabaya, you will visit the biggest port of Indonesia and a cigarette museum and factory. As Surabaya is older than Malang and the capital of East Java, the heritage seeker has a lot to discover. For locals, Surabaya is closely linked to the birth of the Indonesian nation, as it was here that the battle for independence began.

Morning visit Surabaya after which you prepare for departure Day 17 - Heritage Tour Java: visit Surabaya

Day 17 - Heritage Tour Java: visit SurabayaMorning visit Surabaya

The last few years Surabaya's appearance improved greatly. Nowadays Surabaya's corners of interest are a delight to explore. During the tour you will see some examples of early twentieth century New Business Architecture.
You will have a delicious lunch in your hotel, after which we say our goodbyes.



Dr. Pauline K.M. van Roosmalen is your art and architecture historian during your cultural heritage tour in Java. Together with an Indonesian Dutch speaking guide and other local experts, she shares her fascination about Indonesia in general and Java in particular. Set up from her own experience as a visitor and as a regularly temporarily resident of Java, you get a unique look into everything that Java has to offer.

Pauline is the owner and director of PKMvR heritage research consultancy. She studied art and architecture history at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In 2008, she defended her PhD thesis "Designing the City: Town Planning in the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia 1905 - 1950" at the University of Technology in Delft. Pauline has been working and on several occasions has been living in Indonesia, since 1992. In Indonesia, she was recently involved in the preparations to place the Kota Lama district of Semarang city on the UNESCO World Heritage List. As a guest researcher at TU Delft since 2011, she developed an online repository for European Architecture and Urban Resources (www.colonialarchitecture.eu). As an author, she has numerous publications. All publications can be found on her website: www.PKMvR.nl/publications.



Tour info - Java Heritage Tour

DURATION: 17 days
TRAVELERS: min. 10 and max. 20


Per person: coming soon
Early bird:* coming soon
Single room surcharge: coming soon

* Early bird if you book before 30 June 2017

Price includes: a local guide, local experts, Pauline van Roosmalen as expert and experienced tour leader, meet-up and briefing in The Netherlands prior to the tour, introductory lecture in each major city, private transport with air conditioning with friendly driver (and assistant driver when a bus is used) including his (their) meals and hotels, first class train tickets Jakarta-Bandung, Pekalongan-Semarang and Solo-Malang, 17 nights accommodation, meals: all breakfast, lunches and dinners, all transport except your free day in Yogyakarta, bottled water on the bus, in your hotel and during all meals in reasonable amounts, Indonesian sim-card with limited credit (for non-Indonesians only), entrance fees to all objects you visit during your tour according to the itinerary
Price excludes: airfares to and from Indonesia, travel and health insurance, drinks other than mineral water during breakfast, lunches and dinners, personal expenses (tips, mini-bar, souvenirs, laundry, etc), individual transport outside the tour program

Departure dates Heritage Tour

Scheduled travel date:
13 October 2017: gather in Jakarta

Note 1: if you are a group of 4 and would like to undertake this tour at another date than mentioned, please contact us.
Note 2: the main language for the departure date 13 October 2017 will be Dutch. If you wish the main language to be English, the tour can be held at another date then mentioned. Please contact us.

Inquiry or booking - Java Heritage Tour

For Dutch participants this tour is only bookable through Schiethart Reizen in The Netherlands. Please follow this link.
In case you have a question about the Heritage Tour, send us an email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For all non-Dutch residents, for questions or bookings, please contact us.

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