Monthly allowances

It is very simple. We - Imam and Agus & Martine - have "enough" and would like to do something for those who definitely haven't. Can't be simpler.
Smartine Indonesia Travel donates a certain percentage of every tour and Imam searches monthly for sponsors.

Mr. Imam is de coordinator and inventor of the social project at Kampong Klojen, MalangMr. Imam is the brain behind all social support projects in kampong Klojen. He knows this kampong inside out as he was born there in 1970. He now lives about 7 km from the kampong, but is about to move back in when he finds himself a house. He is a locksmith and learned most that he knows about locks from his father. You can find his 'shop' - which is a famous "kaki-lima" - at one of the entrances into the kampong, just opposite the market Klojen.

Mr. Choirul Handoko is part of Kampong Klojen project Mr. Handoko used to sell newspapers and retailed gasoline in front of his brother's house. Then he got hit by a motorbike.

Mr. Robert at his watch stand in front of Klojen marketThe "watch man" of Kampong Klojen. This 75 years old man repairs watches and takes care of others.

Ibu Ida in kampong KlojenMiss Ida can't read or write. She works in and around the Kampong to earn a living.

Viano is a child at the nursery school in kampong Klojen in Malang, East JavaViano's mother died when he was 3 years old. He is now 6 years old and lives with his grandparents.

Mr. Melka - citizenship of Kampong Klojen, Malang, East JavaIf there would be profound and specialized help for people like Milka, he wouldn't be troubled.

Ibu Tum - Kampong KlojenA harsh life; being an old woman and left alone... Depending on those who care.

Mrs. Munir - the washing and toilet lady of Kampong Klojen in MalangMore or less 72 years old, mrs. Munir has almost been forever the 'toilet-lady' in kampong Klojen.

Mr. Ewer in front of Klojen market - monthly allowencesMr. Ewer is one of a kind. His mental disability is certainly made up for by his big heart.

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