Tengger people near Mount Bromo

Bang T is how he is called by his friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, or just about anybody in the Tengger area. This young soul has a great mind and pursues a clean environment and smart children. Together with his group Art's Pala Volunteer - he is the chairman - he is committed to this goal.

Bring Trash Back

Although Mt. Bromo is situated in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park and thus controlled by the government, it is the local organization Art's Pala Volunteer who is actually cleaning the environment.

To bring their ideas to a higher level, they submitted a proposal at the National Park's board and the local government under the name "Pengelolaan Sampah Mandiri". They propose to handle the park's and local trash at a local level; they collect it at final station from where it is processed. So far, no response.

Free education for children

Another important branch of their organization is education for children. They have mental training, English classes and teach all about nature. It is the organization its goal to raise a generation which is capable of finding a balance between business and conservation.

About Art 's Pala Volunteer

Art's Pala Volunteer is a non-profit organization. It is an idea of friends in the villages Cemara Lawang, Sukapura and Ngadisari who love nature and guides who often visit Mt. Bromo. According to them Bromo is exploited, but nothing is done to honor nature such as planting trees, cleaning the area from all waste or any improvements on living standards of the local people. As they need art to be able to improve the local condition, they called themselves Art's Pala Volunteer.

They fund themselves and to educate the children, they work together with hotels in Cemara Lawang, mainly Bromo Permai and Hotel SM.

Dreams of Art's Pala Volunteer

It is their dream to have a location for their organization, to get legalized and to have a business to produce money for the organization and those in need. If then Art's Pala Volunteer stands stronger, finds open doors to raise the necessary fund, they would also like to reach a greater audience in the cities around Mt. Bromo, in East Java or even in Indonesia.


Expenditures (in IDR x 1000)

2017   500                    
Grand total   500                   500