Foundation 'Be a child' - 'Wees een Kind'

The Dutch foundation "Wees een Kind" - Be a Child - runs an orphanage in Malang with at the moment 12 children. They can house a total of 18 children. 100% of all donations coming from private donations and fundraising events are for the orphanage and a better future for the children.

Goal: every child should be a child

Children need so much more than that essential roof over their head. Love, attention, encouragement, safety, incentives, recognition, and growth are basic needs as well. This is only possible in a secure environment called "Home". To add to the homey feeling, one of the children's parents are the care keepers in the orphanage, which gives it a homey feeling. Besides, the maximum is set to 18 children. "




Set up of the orphanage

The orphanage has constructed a separate area where backpackers and volunteers can spend the night, with private bathroom and a spacious living area. In the long run, the orphanage should be able to run independently. Students looking for an internship abroad can stay at the orphanage as well. There are two rooms in the hostel, one family room and one room with two bunk beds.


Those behind the foundation

The foundation was officially founded in 2010. The family Bachdim is the running engine of the foundation, supported by several regular donators and friends as well as many contributors.