sunrise Bromo

  • Bali Bromo tour & back to Bali - fly

    Duration: 1 day

    Milky way photography at Mount Bromo - East Java, IndonesiaYou will depart at 20:05 from Denpasar and arrive in Surabaya at 20:20. Garuda's last daily flight to Surabaya. Visiting Bromo and the Madakaripura waterfalls from Bali can easily be done in 24 hours.
    The next day your flight to Denpasar departs at 16:50. You will land in Denpasar around 19:00.

  • Bromo Ijen tour - 3 days

    Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

    Smoking volcano Bromo in East Java - visit Bromo during the Bromo Ijen tour - 3 daysBromo and Ijen are Java's most impressive volcanoes. The volcanoes differ like day and night, which makes it hard to choose if you only have time for one. In this Bromo Ijen tour you have time to visit the Madakaripura waterfall, to explore the Hindu culture and to see the sunset over mount Bromo.

  • Bromo sunrise tour - 1 day

    Duration: 12 - 13 hours

    Bromo seen from the viewpoint at mount Pananjakan during the Bromo sunrise tour - East Java, IndonesiaBromo sunrise tour with start in Malang to see more of the active volcano Bromo and the caldera! You will travel through the savanna, get to see the Teletubbies hills, Pelangi waterfall and Jago temple. Bromo's landscape is 'one in a million'. Unique. Don't miss it.

  • Easygoing Bromo

    Duration: 2 days & 1 night

    Bromo's moonlike Sea of Sand in the 10 km wide caldera - East Java, IndonesiaTake more time to enjoy all facets of mount Bromo and the culture of the Hindu Tenggerese people who are living around this active volcano. Visit the Madakaripura waterfalls and enjoy sunset over mount Bromo. A two days easygoing Bromo tour. Private.


  • From Yogyakarta to Bromo, 2-day tour

    Duration: 2 days & 1 night

    Horsemen in the volcanic Sea of Sand surrounding Mount Bromo - From Yogyakarta to Bromo TourTravel comfortably by train. See both sunset and sunrise at Mount Bromo. And, an easy 30 min hike will bring you to one of East Java's most beautiful waterfalls. A leisurely tour stuffed with happy moments.

  • Milky way photography & Bromo sunrise

    Duration: 1 day

    Milky way photography at Mount Bromo - East Java, IndonesiaSeeing and photographing the Milky Way with Bromo's surreal landscape as your background. After the stars seem to disappear, you will see the sun rising...
    Departure at 21:00 instead of midnight. 

  • Probolinggo Bromo tour

    Duration: 1 day

    Bromo landscape with horse - Probolinggo Bromo tourProbolinggo is the last "big" city before heading into the mountains to reach Cemara Lawang village. With this 1-day tour to Bromo you will be dropped in Probolinggo around noon. You still have time to continue to Bali, Surabaya or Malang.

  • Probolinggo Bromo Yogyakarta tour

    Duration: 2 days & 1 night

    By train from Probolinggo to Yogyakarta - Probolinggo Bromo Yogyakarta tourPick up in Probolinggo at 02:00 on day 1. To Bromo. Sunrise. The smoldering cone of Bromo stands in a sea of ashen volcanic sand. Then by train from Probolinggo to Yogyakarta to visit world's famous Borobudur, the colossal Buddhist monument, and the jaw-dropping temples of Prambanan. 

  • Semarang Bromo Ijen tour

    Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

    Start your tour to Bromo and Ijen in Semarang - 3 days and 2 nights - Discover East JavaA flight from Semarang in Central Java to Surabaya in East Java is the fastest and most convenient method to start the Semarang Bromo Ijen tour. Two splendid iconic active volcanoes in 3 days and 2 nights. You will be dropped in Ketapang, where you get on the ferry to Bali.

  • Travel from Bromo to Bali in 1 day

    Duration: 1 day

    Bromo's black volcanic ashen sea of sandTravel from Bromo to Bali in one day. You will arrive in the afternoon in Ketapang where you can take the ferry to Bali. Don't miss mount Bromo, one of Indonesia's icons with the black volcanic ashen Sea of Sand that creates a moonlike landscape.

  • Travel from Jakarta to Bromo and back

    Duration: 1 day

    Camping during the tour 'Travel from Jakarta to Bromo and back'Savanna.
    Milky Way.
    Volcanic ashen sea of sand.
    Top of mount Bromo.
    24 hours. Camping.
    Travel from Jakarta to Bromo and back or on to Bali.


  • Tumpak Sewu, Bromo & Ijen

    Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

    Tumpak Sewu waterfalls in Lumajang - East JavaThe impressive Tumpak Sewu waterfalls is also called the Indonesian Niagara waterfalls.... Check for yourself. In this 3-days tour you will also visit Java's most impressive volcanoes, namely Bromo and Ijen. Both are active volcanoes in the Ring of Fire.

  • Yogya highlights mixed with nature

    Duration: 4 days & 3 nights

    Malioborostreet is the central market of YogyakartaThe famous temples Borobudur and Prambanan. Top culture combined with Indonesia's landmarks. The active volcano Bromo and Ijen the most acidic lake on earth. This all in one tour: Yogya highlights mixed with nature.

  • Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen tour

    Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

    Train from Yogyakarta to Surabaya - Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen TourBy first class Sancaka Pagi train you depart at 06:45 to Surabaya. Upon arrival at 11:37 you will be greeted by our friendly team. See sunset and sunrise at mount Bromo. Then visit Ijen crater lake before heading to Bali. A complete Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen tour to save time and gain many new experiences.

  • Yogyakarta Malang Bromo Bali tour

    Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

    One of the many temples in Bali that you will visit during the Yogyakarta Malang Bromo Bali tourA convenient first class night train will bring you to Malang. Explore the not yet over-visited refreshing Malang city, on foot or by bike and or discover its surroundings. Choose your "objects" for the second day, before heading to the active volcano Bromo... Then you will fly to Bali.