It is very simple. We - Imam and Agus & Martine - have "enough" and would like to do something for those who definitely haven't. Can't be simpler.
Smartine Indonesia Travel donates a certain percentage of every tour and Imam searches monthly for sponsors.



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About Tris - Mr. Bang T.

Sutrisno - Mt. BromoSutrisno was born in Bondowoso in East Java in April 1969. When he was in his twenties he loved working in the field of tourism. He learned himself English. He now works as a guide, mainly for foreigners.
He is married and has 2 children. He lives in a basic house in Sukapura village near Mt. Bromo.

Tris is collecting waste at the Sea of Sand that surrounds Mt. Bromo

One of the actions for waste management around Mt. Bromo

Art's Pala Volunteers slogan: Brng Trash Back - Mt. Bromo, East JavaTris is educating children - Mt. Bromo, East Java