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Driver Mul with his guest at the black Sea of Sand - Mt. Bromo, East Java
Driver Yuli with a French group of friends at Mt. Bromo
Guide Bayu is talking to his guests

About the Company

Founded in 2016 , Smartine Indonesia Travel gradually but steadily is turning into an appreciated travel agency. With only two initiaters working in their spare time whenever they can, today the company has 8 employees and is growing. We process about 80 emails per month, 200 phone calls and about 100 WhatsApp requests per month. We proudly host between 20 to 125 mainly private tours a month.

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Training at Smartine

Interested in working with us? Or searching for an enthousiastic team for your practical period? Read what it takes to become part of our team.

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The perks

We believe that happy employees lead to happy customers, that's why we offer all kinds of perks to motivate and inspire our staff.

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Social support is still very needed as social security is still far from optimized in Indonesia. Find out what we have been up to lately.