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Smartine Indonesia Travel developed 8 marvelous long tours in Java & Bali. Each tour is unique and makes you experience Java & Bali differently. In addition to these long tours - 6 days and longer - we offer short tours. These short tours vary between 1 and 5 days.


One day tours

Bromo sunrise tour - East Java

Bromo sunrise tour

Volcano Bromo sits in a moonlike landscape of mythical proportions and glorious charm. The volcano and its surroundings offer splendid sights.

clock 12 hours
money start USD 52 - all included

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Ecotourism at the foot of Mt. Arjuno-Welirang in East Java

Walk the rice fields

The heavenly green rice fields at the slopes of Mt. Arjuno are breathtaking. See the cows in action & talk to the farmers.

clock 12 hours
money start USD 39 - all included

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A view at Mt. Panderman - East Java

Hike Mt. Panderman

Mt. Panderman is part of the mountain range "Sleeping Beauty"; Mt. Panderman is part of the princess's feet.

clock 11 hours
money start USD 37 - all included

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At the local market in East Java

Cooking class in Malang

Cooking is getting to know the culture, getting to know tastes, having fun with locals and to understand their humor. It brings cultures together.

clock 5 hours
money start USD 18 - all included

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Two day tours

The blue lagoon Segara Anakan at Semu island - East Java

Sempu island tour

Segara Anakan blue lagoon is bordered by rocks and a white sandy beach. Sendang Biru village offers a big fish auction and colorful boats.

clock 36 hours
money start USD 85 - all included

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Smoking Bromo - Bromo and Ijen tour, 2 days

Bromo & Ijen tour

One can find the most acidic lake on earth at Kawah Ijen, while Mt. Bromo is one of Indonesia's most spectacular sights. Two different stories...

clock 36 hours
money start USD 119 - all included

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A sulphur miner at Ijen crater lake - East Java

Ijen Plateau & crater lake

The Ijen Plateau is characteristic for its coffee plantation. Explore Javanese life before heading to the green blueish most acidic lake in the world

clock 36 hours
money start USD 74 - all included

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Mt. Semeru - the highest mountain in Java and an active volcano

Climb Java's highest

An adventure... Mt. Semeru is Java's highest mountain with 3676 m. This active volcano erupts every 20 minutes. Just climb it.

clock 48 hours
money start USD 178 - all included

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Three day tours

Flower garden at Selecta in Batu - Batu & Bromo tour, 3 days - East Java

Visit Batu & Bromo volcano

This trip takes you along cozy Malang and lively Batu. On the way you will enjoy the unique Javanese culture and nature with its steaming volcanoes.

money start USD -- - all included

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Turtle at Sukamade turtle beach in Meru Betiri National Park - East Java

Volcanoes & turtles

Turtles come ashore at Sukamade beach almost 365 days a year. Mt. Ijen is home to the most acidic lake in the world while Mt. Bromo needs no intro.

money start USD -- - all included

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Rafting at the Pekalen river - near mount Bromo, East Java

Rafting and Bromo

Test your rafting skills at the Pekalen river before Mt. Bromo's moonlike landscape of surreal proportions and beauty is your perfect finishing touch.

money start USD -- - all included

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By local boat to Sempu island - Malang south coast, East Java

Beaches and Mt. Bromo

Celebrated places during this 3 days tour: Sempu island Nature Reserve, secluded beaches in southern Malang and the iconic active volcano Bromo.

money start USD -- - all included

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Four day tours

Hiking down from the top of Mt. Semeru - the highest mountain in Java

Hike 3 active volcanoes

This tour - in which you hike the three active volcanoes Semeru, Bromo and Ijen - is an amazing but exhausting hike. Only for those with stamina...

money start USD -- - all included

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Karimunjawa paradise - Central Java

Karimunjawa archipelago

Relaxation, exploration and action at the Karimunjawa archipelago. Snorkeling, island hopping, diving, cycling, camping, and hiking...

money start USD -- - all included

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The Borobudur in Central Java - tour: travel from central to east Java

Yogya & East Java

Yogyakarta definitely can be defined as Java's cultural hearth. The art of nature can be found in East Java that is home to two sublime volcanoes.

money start USD -- - all included

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Snorkeling West Bali National Park

Bromo, Ijen & Pemuteran

Culture: Tengger people and sulphur miners. Nature: Menjangan island is rated as the best snorkeling spot in Bali.

money start USD -- - all included

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Your adventure

We are locally based in fascinating Malang city, in East Java. As we are an experienced operating tour organization we do actually understand your needs and execute your tour accordingly. We value local culture and knowledge by using locals whenever and where-ever possible. This guarantees your adventure and boosts your experience in Indonesia. We regularly research new locations, to guarantee an innovative tour.

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