1 day tours

A hut with a view over Batu and Malang - Mt. BanyakRefreshment in the highlands of Batu. Many attractions and natural wonders are worth it to be inspected. All of you will find something that isn't found anywhere else: for families, a group of friends, couples and solo travelers.

Children at the orphanage Al Kaaf in Jabung village - 20 km east from Malang cityAbout 100 children have a home at Al Kaaf in Jabung village. Not all of them are orphans. Most of the children left the remote areas - after consultation with (one of) their parents - to have a chance at a better living as education is one of the keys to it.

Mt. Panderman seen from Malang city - East JavaThe top of Mt. Panderman is called Basundara and is situated at a height of 2045 m. It will take about 3 hours to get to the top, via a light to moderate track. At the top you are treated at views over Malang & Batu and the other volcanoes that enclose the cities in the valley.

A farmer carries cabbage to the main road - Gubugklakah village, near Mt. BromoThe eastern part of Mt Bromo's hinterland is used as a vegetable garden. It is one of the highest farming areas on Java island. A six hours walk will show you some unseen paths, village life, locals at work, and a "seven sources spring".

A room at Kaliandra Sejati Foundation - East JavaThe Kaliandra Sejati Foundation is one of its kind in East Java. It supports local farmers to grow organic produce and houses a relaxing Wellness Retreat. Be ready for a joyful ecowalk in the rice fields surrounding Kaliandra and a delicious eco-lunch.